About QUG


Our approach to investments and operations capitalizes on the the team’s strength and ability to facilitate opportunities with our partners and customers.

For our partners and potential partners, we are able to evaluate quickly complex investment opportunities across the power space, from early stage development to operating facilities that need new capital. We are actively engaged in, and discuss, development and investment opportunities across the Americas, focusing on immediate or ultimate equity investments typically between $50-$250MM though depending of the nature of the project we are not limited to those values in either direction. We look for opportunities that leverage our experience and expertise in development, operations and commercial optimization of power assets often by teaming up with power developers and providing support in form of capital and know-how.

For our utility customers we can deliver a unique set of physical, financial and commercial options through structured transactions involving our portfolio of assets. Each of our team members prioritizes communicating with our customers to understand supply needs better. Our access to capital, both fund equity and financing, allows us to provide power purchase options that are competitive to customary regulated rate base cost of capital.