Moundsville Power is a 595 MW combined-cycle gas or natural gas liquids -fired electric generating facility located in Marshall County, WV. The facility will consist of two combustion turbine generators (CTGs), connected to two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). The HRSGs harness exhaust heat from the CTGs to generate high-quality, superheated steam. The steam is generated into electricity in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner through a single steam turbine. Upon completion, this facility will provide base load and intermediate power needs to the PJM market. The facility is anticipated to become operational in late 2018.

Moundsville Power will:

• Generate enough electricity to power approximately 549,000 homes

• Utilize cheap abundant West Virginia shale natural gas or natural gas liquids, providing low cost and reliable electricity needed to keep West Virginia businesses competitive and help offset the effect of coal plant closings in the area

• Re-use a former chemical manufacturing plant site in a positive manner. This may stimulate additional economic development by attracting industrial development to the site to utilize the plant’s excess steam production and significant infrastructure upgrades

• Utilize state-of-the-art turbine generation equipment and advanced emission control technology, resulting in one of the most efficient plants in the region, exceeding all local, state, and federal environmental operating standards and air quality permits

• Yield significant private investment to support and upgrade local infrastructure

• Create nearly 400 skilled construction jobs during the construction period, yielding many indirect economic benefits to the local community and 25-30 well-paid, full time positions during the operational period

• Create substantial amounts of state sales tax revenue during the construction period

• Provide significant community support annually through property taxes and other economic support programs

Moundsville Map